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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment is used to save teeth which would otherwise need to be removed due to decay, injury or fractures. 

It is needed when the blood or nerve supply of the tooth (known as the pulp) is infected through decay or injury. Removal of the nerve ( Root Canal Therapy) can be done in 2 – 3 visits depending on the severity of inflammation of the nerve.

  • An abscess (or pimple) on the gums.
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold.zx
  • Severe toothache pain.
  • Sometimes no symptoms are present.
  • Swelling and/or tenderness.
  • Decay has reached the tooth pulp
  • Infection or abscess inside the tooth / root tip.
  • Injury or trauma to the tooth.

A root canal procedure requires one or more appointments and can be performed by a dentist or endodontist (a root canal specialist). You may require antibiotics to reduce the inflammation before the procedure can commence. If the nerve is inflamed the dentist my not be able to get the tooth numb.

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