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Toothache is an irregular occurrence of throbbing pain or sensitivity in your mouth.

A toothache is a throbbing pain or sensitivity that is caused by dental decay, which is effectively a growing hole in your tooth. It specifically refers to the destruction of the enamel, which is the hard, outer surface of the tooth.

Tooth decay is primarily caused by the presence of plaque, a sticky bacterial substance that grows naturally on the tooth. When exposed to sugars, plaque emits acids that start to erode at tooth enamel and, without effective cleaning to remove the plaque, continuously erodes at your teeth. Tooth decay becomes a toothache when the nerve of the tooth has been exposed due to enough enamel erosion.

Toothache is a common dental emergency, but it is thankfully treatable in a wide variety of ways. This can include cleaning the decayed cavity and getting rid of infected tissue before replacing with a filling or an inlay/onlay. More severe tooth decay may necessitate root canal therapy to clean out the infection before replacing the tooth with a crown and, in severe cases, a full extraction.

Without treatment for tooth decay, it can continue to erode at the tooth. The bacteria can also lead to an infection known as a tooth abscess. All throughout the growth of decay, a toothache with continue to get worse, and the infection can spread through the chin, neck, eyes and scalp, sometimes become a genuinely fatal threat.

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