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Missing Teeth can affect the way you chew naturally

Our adult teeth are meant to last us for as long as possible, as there are no naturally growing replacements, unlike with milk teeth. However, the average adult is missing 5 of their natural teeth. This can impact our ability to chew, to speak clearly, and can greatly impact our self-confidence and self-esteem

Missing teeth can be caused by a variety of issues. In most people, it’s caused by the buildup of plaque, a film of bacteria that grows on the teeth. When not properly managed through effective oral care, it can cause gum disease, which can expose and erode the supporting tissue of the teeth, or it can produce acids that lead to tooth decay. Missing teeth can also be caused by trauma, such as sports injuries or auto accidents.

Our ability to replace missing teeth with alternatives that fit firmly is continuously improving through new technology. Dentures are the most common option for those missing all of their teeth. Dental bridges and implants may be recommended for those who are losing one or more of their teeth, fixing synthetic teeth permanently to your jawbone.

When left alone for long enough, the jaw supporting the tooth is lost, which means that replacing it could eventually become impossible. Furthermore, tooth loss can lead to further gum disease and tooth decay. It can also impact the growth of your other teeth, as they can shift into the gap that has been left behind.

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