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Stained and Discoloured or Yellowed Teeth

Many people will notice that the colour of their teeth may change over time. There are different kinds of discolouration, such as external stained teeth which rests on the enamel, internal discolouration of the dentine beneath, and age-related discolouration, which exposes the yellower dentine beneath the enamel.

Just as there are different kinds of discolouration, there are different causes, as well. The external stained teeth can be caused by food and drink high in pigmentation such as coffee, and smoking. Internal dentine discolouration can be caused by things like leaky amalgam fillings and root canal treatments. As mentioned, age causes enamel to thin out which, when combined with external staining, can turn teeth yellower or darker over time.

There are several ways to treat discolouration. Prevention is the best method, avoiding staining elements and ensuring your teeth are maintained with a thorough dental hygiene routine aid by dental cleaning appointments. Teeth whitening appointments and products can help to brighten your teeth, too. If discolouration is drastic enough, you may also consider crowns or veneers to replace or cover the tooth entirely.

Without treating teeth stains and discolouration, then that discolouration is only like to get worse over time, and some treatments may not be as effective as they could have been. If the discolouration is caused by diet and you are failing to clean away plaque enough, it can lead to tooth decay and dead teeth, in which case an extraction may be necessary.

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